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  • Entries from March 28th, 2013

    Summer Fruits – Musk Melon or Cantaloupe



    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe


    Is it me? or is it just the heat?

    While I see all the food bloggers posting recipes after recipes, here I am happily sitting and eating fruits.


    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe

    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe


    Unlike my usual self I have actually been away from the kitchen. I stick to the most basic cooking I need to do to get through the day and the thought of trying new recipes or spending hours in front of the stove is not getting me excited. ?The summer heat is making me eat just big bowls of fresh fruits. I am so glad that there are so many thirst quenching, juicy, sweet, refreshing fruits around right now.


    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe


    I am sharing some photos of my current favourite fruit. Musk Melon or Cantaloupe is called as ‘Kharbooja’ here locally and is one of my favorite summer fruits. There are many different kinds of these delicious melons but this particular variety pictured ehere is what I love the most.


    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe


    These striped, slightly yellow melons have soft, juicy and sweet flesh inside which is gorgeously orange. It’s heady aroma can easily fill up your entire house within minutes. While I find the honey like fragrance irresistible, I have heard that it can be repulsive for some people! Unlike some of the other local varieties these fruits are naturally sweet enough to be eaten plain or even blended into a fresh juice. I normally just eat them out of the refrigerated… cold!




    There is no recipe today because I cannot bring myself to mess with these gorgeous beauties. They need to be relished just the way they are…


    Musk Melon or Cantaloupe


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