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    ‘Mosaravalakki’, Flattened/Beaten Rice in Yogurt



    ‘Mosaravalakki’, Flattened/Beaten Rice in Yogurt


    A big ‘Hello’ to all my dear readers! How are you all doing?

    I am so happy to say that my idea of cutting down computer time is working really really well. I am so proud that I don’t spend several hours a day in front of the system these days. That of course means less blogging and also much lesser time spent reading other blogs but I feel like it’s totally worth it.

    I miss having new posts up on my blog every other day though. Every time I cook something new I forcefully stop myself from getting my camera out to take a few pictures. Instead I just concentrate on enjoying cooking and eating itself.

    The result of less blogging has been generally more time for everything else. Definitely more time to sleep! I am glad I don’t sit up till midnight trying to finish a blog post anymore. One more very good thing that has come out of this new change is that I feel less dependent on this virtual space now. It’s refreshing not to feel compelled to post something new constantly.

    All this does not mean I am going to stop blogging though. ‘Love Food Eat’ is my creative outlet and I will continue to share my recipes and photos here for as long as I can. My love affair with food is not going to end in the near future anyway ??


    Avalakki, Poha, Flattened rice, Beaten rice


    Thanks to unbearable heat in Bangalore this summer, I have very little enthusiasm in cooking elaborate recipes and shooting it. But to keep this space alive I am sharing simple summer recipes for the time being. The word summer goes hand in hand with ‘curd’ or yogurt for me. I can’t imagine surviving the heat without my daily dose of ‘curd rice’ (yogurt with rice) and spiced buttermilk. All my meals end with a dollop of yogurt and no matter what the season is I always have a little pot of homemade curd in the refrigerator. But in summer, there might be days when you don’t even want to turn on the stove to cook rice. That’s when ‘Avalakki’,’Poha‘ or ‘Flattened/Beaten rice’ comes to rescue.


    ‘Mosaravalakki’, Flattened/Beaten Rice in Yogurt


    Flattened rice when soaked in water for seconds or sometimes just quickly rinsed tastes almost like rice.? If you have a pack of flattened rice, a quick rice dish is just minutes away. You can replace cooked rice with flattened rice in most south Indian recipes with great success. Here I am using it in the place of rice for a ‘Mosaravalakki’. ‘Mosaru’ is curd/yogurt and ‘Avalakki’ is Flattened rice.

    Whip up a cooling and refreshing dinner on a summer evening in minutes with this simple recipe. This quick dish requires no cooking! Serve it with some pickle on the side for a satisfying meal.


    ‘Mosaravalakki’, Flattened/Beaten Rice in Yogurt



    I have used organic thin flattened rice here. It’s available in most organic stores these days. You can use both thick and thin variety.

    I make my own curd/yogurt with organic whole milk.

    You can increase or decrease the number of green chilies depending on your preferred spice level.

    Add freshly grated cucumber or other raw veggies to this dish to add more flavor and nutrition.

    The sugar in the recipe adds a touch of sweetness to the dish. This helps if the yogurt is a little sour. Skip it if you are using fresh creamy sweet yogurt.

    You will be surprised by the amount of curd the flattened rice can soak up. If it looks dry, add more yogurt ?or a little bit of water just before serving.

    In summer months, you can also add ? cup of milk to this to stop it from turning sour too soon.

    Use any non-dairy yogurt to make a vegan version of this recipe.


    ‘Mosaravalakki’, Flattened/Beaten Rice in Yogurt



    • 1 cup flattened /beaten rice
    • 1 ? to 2 cups of curd/yogurt
    • 1 fresh green chili
    • ? inch fresh ginger
    • salt to taste
    • ? tsp sugar
    • 1 tsp coconut oil
    • ? tsp black mustrad seeds
    • ? tsp de-husked black gram (urad dal)
    • ? tsp split Bengal gram (channa dal)
    • 1 dry red chili
    • 3-4 fresh curry leaves


    Rinse the flattened rice under running water in a sieve. Do not let it sit in water and be quick. Drain the water and let it sit aside.

    In a bowl combine curd/yogurt with salt and sugar and stir well. Add the finely chopped green chili and freshly grated ginger. Now add the washed flattened rice and mix well. Add more curd/milk or water (if you like it thinner) depending on how dry it looks.

    For the tempering – heat the oil in a small pan. Add the mustard seeds and wait for it to splutter. Now add the Bengal gram and black gram. When they turn golden (take care not to burn it) add the dry red chili and fresh curry leaves and turn off the heat. Now add the tempering into the flattened rice.

    Serve by itself or with some pickle.


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